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Satisfied clients use us for...

Ongoing Career Coaching

We will help you develop as an employe, leader, and team player to advance your career to the next level. What's your next career move? We'll help you.

Accountability Partner

Even super stars thrive with accountability. Whether you are a solopreneur, or in sales/business development, we will help you achieve your goals. 

Life-Balance Coaching

All work and no play? No time for friends, family, or hobby? Weight out of control? We'll guide you into a balanced life where all areas get needed attention.

Purpose/Passion Discovery Coaching

Mid-life crisis got you down? Can't figure out your purpose? Lost your passion and are just going through the motions? We'll help you get your mojo back!

Executive Coaching

You're a senior or executive leader with lots of pressure to perform, and lots of people counting on you. We'll help you focus and develop C-Suite level skills.

Relationship Coaching

Relationships are at the heart of everything we do. When they aren't working, life pretty much sucks.  We'll help you repair and restore your crucial relationships.

Frequent Issues We Address:

Consumed by work, disconnected from family

Living in state of distraction, with lack of clarity, purpose, direction

Numbed out, not experiencing joy, passion

Too many stops and starts, not creating momentum and progress

Too many competing priorities

Lack of accountability and follow through

How Can We Help You?

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Book Time with Coach Brad White

About Coach Brad White

Experienced Senior Executive

Brad brings 21+ years of senior leadership experience as the COO of a nationwide, mid-market, nationwide software training company. He'll help you take charge and advance in your career.

Experienced Life/Executive Coach

Brad has been coaching, mentoring, and growing people for over 20 years. He has a unique gift of being able to listen and connect with people from the mailroom to the boardroom. Brad's breadth of experience will serve you well.

It's All About You

When you choose Brad as your coach, you are getting a professional who is deeply committed to your success. He'll create a custom program just for you, that's ALL about helping you achieve YOUR dreams.

Brad's Executive Bio

Brad is a seasoned executive coach and business leader, with 22 years experience as the COO of Intuit QuickBooks Training (a mid-market, nationwide software training company). He’s a uniquely skilled “Go-To” C-level leader with a long-term, demonstrable record of executing business strategy, and profitable business growth, with an intense focus on people growth and leadership. In his speaking and coaching practice, he focuses on purpose and passion, strategic people/leader growth, work-life balance, and accountability.

Brad’s clients regularly discover mind-blowing insights, tap into empowering beliefs, uncover blindspots, improve focus and productivity, gain clarity and life direction, and walk away with actionable tools and techniques to create an amazing life!

He is recommended as a resourceful, ferociously curious, emotionally intelligent, client-focused, and fast-paced self-starter with depth and breadth of experience. He is a trusted cultivator of relationships, widely recognized as an intensely focused, entrepreneurial-minded, and strategic problem solver. He uses this broad and deep experience to help executive leaders break through to the next level.

As a small business owner, experienced nonprofit leader with board of directors experience, and a professional speaker and trainer, Brad is passionate about helping people achieve their dreams and helping their businesses grow.

Current associations include the Association for Talent Development (ATD), Executive Connections, Association for Corporate Growth, Master Networks, Toastmasters, Dallas Sigma Chi Alumni, and USA Triathlon. Brad’s past associations include the National Speakers Association and North Texas Chapter.

Brad is an Eagle Scout and IRONMAN triathlete.

Brad received his BBA in Management Information Systems from Texas Tech University in 1992, with a 3.6 GPA and three Dean’s Honor List awards. He lives in Plano, TX with his wife of 22 years, twin daughters and son.

Brad Cares About Relationships! How about you?